What is hair conditioning?

Hair Conditioning is the act of applying a liquid / substance to the hair to strengthen and soften while improving manageability and eliminating dryness. So the idea here is, after applying any form of conditioner to your hair, it should be easily manipulated and rid of all forms of dryness. In other words, if what you are applying makes your hair stiff and doesn’t remove dryness, you are not holding a conditioner.

Types of Hair Conditioning

  • Leave in Conditioner: Used to maintain the hair daily.
  • Deep Conditioner (DC): Requires some form of heat to activate its benefits.
  • Wash day conditioner: Often used after shampooing

Shout out to ladies who save conditioning for wash days only. I see you there sis….Conditioning is not for washdays only. To achieve full bounce and hair strength, you might want to adopt the system of conditioning your hair everyday. How? For newbies, apart from the normal conditioner used after washing, there is also leave-in conditioner. As the name implies, it should NOT be rinsed out but remains in the hair, also suitable for daily application. The benefits of this conditioner is numerous, this is one of the most important ingredients in maintaining healthy long hair.

What are the benefits of hair conditioning?

  1. It tames Frizz: Been searching for a solution to your frizz-ball? Why not try out a leave in conditioner
  2. Eliminates Dryness: Moisture infusing properties of the conditioner prevents dryness and breakage.
  3. Strengthens hair: Conditioners protect the hair form wear and tear that may occur through combs and harsh weather conditions.

How to condition relaxed hair (Leave-in conditioner)

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  • Divide your hair into sections of 6 or more
  • Start at the tips where your hair is the oldest and driest per section. Starting from the roots makes the scalp greasy, limiting hair growth.
  • Apply a few drops of oil to each section: to add shine and to seal in moisture (i.e prevent moisture from ‘escaping’ from your hair)


When ‘Not-Enough’ is too much

So, I‘ve been on my hair journey for about 6 months, am still yet to figure out how much conditioner is too much?


  • A little amount of conditioner per section will do the trick, even though we will want to use as much as possible to give the hair that slip, excess conditioner will only make it greasy. Accumulated buildup of conditioner on the hair could weigh it down and reduce strength, making it break at any slight tension. Too much is the amount that gives you a greasy head of hair.


Dime-Sized ‘Saga’

I always hear dime sized amount, what if that dime-size is not okay for my hair. My hair still feels dry after using the dime-size?


  • Dime-size is a metaphor used to describe the fact that a little conditioner is what is needed to achieve maximum results. However, this could be a little misleading, as dime –size is never enough. For me, I’d take a little, massage my hair from the tip and work my way upward, when my fingers start feeling stiff, I reach for another portion to complete that section.

More on hair conditioning next week!

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