#joannhaircrushday – Joann #protectivestyling

#joannhaircrushday – Joann #protectivestyling


As much as I’d like to give this style a name, none actually comes to mind now. But with time you might eventually figure out what you want this style to be called.

Over the weekend, I did a conditionong treatment with pure Aloe Vera gel

1. I cut open the aloe Vera and scraped out the gel

2. After scooping into a bowl, I placed the bowl in warm water before massaging into my hair

3. I covered my hair for about 30 mins

4. Then rinsed with water and pure coconut oil.  This gave my hair the crisp feel that I wanted.


1. I combed my hair in sections to the right side of my head
2. After parting the hair into 2 parts, the smaller section covering 1/4 of the total hair…

3. I pinned down the smaller section to lay flat.

4. Next, I divided the larger section into 3 horizontal rows.

5. After that, I turned each section inward while pinning it down.

6. I packed all the tips of my hair together and gave it a final twist.


Joannhairtip for the week:

Feel free to experiment with various protective styles as long as it doesn’t put tension on your hairstrands.

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