#joannhaircrushday – Nichelle Nichols – Gray Hair

#joannhaircrushday – Nichelle Nichols – Gray Hair


Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday, today we are celebrating #grayhair a.k.a Silver hair. Grey hair is a crown of glory for older folks, before it became fashionable to wear gray hair, we only admired it on our grandparents and the x-men cartoon character-Storm

Here are some celebrities rocking this hairstyle.

Ginnifer Goodwin
renee davis
Renee Davis

Even if rocking colored hair is not your thing, you will sure admire the look of gray hair on our #haircrush – Mrs Nichelle Nichols

Nichele cover

Just in case you are wondering who Nichelle Nichols is, her name is synonymous with the American Television series “Star Trek”:  Like if you google her name, you will see ‘Star Trek’ not far from there. This is so because she played the role of communications officer Lieutenant Uhura in the popular American Television series between the years 1966–1969. On Star Trek, Nichols gained popular recognition by being one of the first black women featured in a major television series not portraying a servant; Word has it that civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. personally praised her work on the show and asked her to remain when she considered leaving the series.

Nichelle Nichols younger

I just couldn’t tear myself away from how beautiful she looked when she was a lot younger and how she was able to manage such youthful look at age 83

Yeah, you heard right, 83 I want my hair to still look that gorgeous at 83, so to the big question, How?

How did Nichelle Nichols nurture her hair to such goodness for 83 long years!

Our hair gets finer with age, hence gray hair is finer and drier. Drier because the scalp doesn’t release as much sebum to the hair as it once did, when you were younger. Hence, it needs a lot of care and styling aids

  • A volumizer/ volumizing shampoo
  • A moisturizer
  • Deep conditioner

These three are the key products, for maintaining that gorgeous glow, while you may not be gray yet, you might want to give your mom or grand mom a healthy hair treat.

Gray hair is also more vulnerable to sun damage because it lacks melanin (this is the pigment that protects hair and skin from the sun)

  • It is very important to use a product containing SPF when you have prolonged exposure to sun rays.
nichelle gorgeous
Nichelle Nichols
Nichelle Nichols

Causes of premature greying

You probably clocked 30, few months ago and you have a handful of grey hair. While some may like it, I know a lot of people who would prefer to save the gray for 60. What cause s the hair to turn gray at such an earlier age?

According to trichologists, research shows that, grey hair is caused by a depletion of vitamin B in the body. This depletion is further accelerated by stress, illness and an improper diet.

Apart from this, genetics play a huge factor in when you turn gray, if either of your parents turned gray earlier, there is a probability that will also turned gray early.


Other studies show that certain B vitamins, when taken in large doses, start to reverse the graying process within 3 months and that the hair goes back to being white when the vitamins are stopped. Watch out for more on premature graying in the men’s section this week.

I am fascinated not just by Nichelle Nichols hair but the strong personality she portrays in her movies, we need a lot more black women like that.

Joann Hair tip for the week:

Contrary to the popular belief, If you pull out one gray hair, two won’t grow in its place.

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