#joannhaircrushday- Raye Boyce- Purple Hair

#joannhaircrushday- Raye Boyce- Purple Hair


Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday. Today we are celebrating #purplehair and our #haircrush is no other than the gorgeous Raye Boyce a.k.a @itsmyrayeraye.


Raye Boyce is a Beauty, hair and fashion blogger and vlogger well known for her tutorial and DIY videos who posts her content to the YouTube channel ItsMyRayeRaye. She first started making a name for self on the web via her Tumblr blog and Instagram account where people would ask for her to share her hair and makeup secrets. She surpassed 1.3 million YouTube subscribers in July 2016. She married her husband in 2012. She is originally from Boston and later relocated to New York City. She has a younger brother.

How to get purple hair: Precautions for dyeing your hair

Assuming you woke up this morning and you were suddenly inspired by these gorgeous hairstyles, then you decide to dye your hair purple. The first thing that may run through your mind is “ How can I get this done and maintain healthy hair?

Before application:                                                    

Skip the shampoo:Dirty hair creates a barrier between your scalp and the hair color, so if there is any damage at all, it is minimal.

Post application:

Deep Conditioning:

Color treated hair requires a little more care, hence, it is advisable to deep conditioning the hair at least once a week with high quality natural oils

Color preserving shampoo:

There are shampoos specifically dedicated to preserving the hair color and prevent unnecessary stripping of same. Use of this instead of regular shampoos makes the hair color last longer

Moisture is your friend: This is the part where you ensure your hair constantly moisturized by a daily moisturizer or leave in conditioner

How to remove dye from hair:

The most common way is through Acid Cider Vinegar: Most dyes are meant to handle alkaline substances such as soap, shampoos. But the acidity of vinegar counteracts this.

  • Mix one cap full of vinegar with oil, use this to rinse out the hair
  • Wash with soap or shampoo
  • Apply more vinegar to the hair and this time, allow to sit for about 30 minutes. This should bring out further dye

Other beautiful women rocking Purple hair

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Joann hair tip for the week:

Now to the big question, is it advisable to dye your hair while following the precautions?
If you have relaxed hair, like me, you might want to keep other chemical applications minimal. That said, you might want to opt for a weave or wig instead. This is most advisable if you want the color for a very short period of time.

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