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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fixing Receding Hairline


Receding hairline

The beauty of hair is the front because that’s the first thing people look at when they see your front view. So as ladies, we do everything to cover up imperfections on our faces and at our hairline. But in our closets we face the harsh reality of imperfect edges.

Hair edges are the most fragile part of all our hair, of course that’s where we have baby hair.

There are several reasons why the hairline recedes

  1. Health issues: Alopecia either temporary or permanent is one major cause of halted growth at the hair crown. It could be hereditary or caused by Deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals
  2. Hair practices such as

A) Braiding: Excessive braiding or wearing braids that are too tight causes temporary alopecia. Especially if this occurs over an extended period of time.

B) Excessive ponytail or hairstyles that put a lot of tension on your edges.

C) Excess use of harsh gel.

D) Excessive brushing and use of hard bristled brushes.

Fixing it…

Not all cases of alopecia can be reversed naturally, when alopecia is permanent, patient might have to resolve to hair transplant or prescriptions by a certified trichologist.

But if you are suffering from a case of temporary alopecia caused by hair practices…

The number one winner for reversing receding hairline caused by hair practices is

  1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
  2. Shea butter.


Massage into affected area for about 5 mins daily, result should be very visible by the second to third month.

Note: If temporary alopecia is not quickly resolved it could become permanent.


Sleep wearing a satin scarf to protect the fragile (growing) edges from pressure from cotton bedsheets/ pillowcases.


Avoid every hairstyle that puts tension on your edges, e.g. constant ponytails or buns, tight braids, tiny (million) braids. In summary anything tight is not for you. You may not even need to apply anything to your hair if you adhere to this simple principle, it will simply regrow naturally.

Q: Should I wear loose hairstyles alone?

A: Nah, it should be firm but not tight. However, if your edges have suffered some form of traction, it is advisable to allow it to rest for up to 3 months.

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Stay Beautiful!



Zendaya Coleman – Faux Locs #joannhaircrushday



Today is Thursday #tbt so I had to throw back to this hair style which has been trending for a while now. Locks look so so beautiful when you wear them right!

Locs or dreads are often associated with the African culture. Recently there has been cultural appropriation debate, with respect to the black woman who accused a white male student of wearing dreads, and most recently Justin Beiber’s dreads (new look).

We shouldn’t be divided by the way we choose to wear our hair, rather it should bind us together. Diversity is the spice that makes life beautiful.

If you love to wear these faux locs, you are in good company…..

How to get Zendaya’s locs

Marley hair is the best hair type or texture for faux locs. Some people like to use Kanekalon hair for the inside of the dread. You can either choose to wear them for short term or long term.You can see how to install your faux locs here.

Other beautiful ways to rock those locs

Claire Sulmers #joannhaircrushday

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Healthy hair side of faux locs

Is Faux locs a protective style?

Yes it is….Just like every other hair installations and extensions, what makes a style really protective is the care we give our hair underneath. The health of our hair is the most important thing as we crave versatility and trend.

  1. Ensure your hair is in good condition. It is not advisable to install locs or other extensions when your hair is weak or damaged.
  2. Don’t put it on too tight, just like braids
  3. Since the style requires double the hair compared to braid, extra weight could cause neck and back pain, so be careful of the length and weight of hair being installed.
  4. Most importantly, Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize and seal your hair and scalp often.

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Whichever way you choose to wear your locs…..always Stay Beautiful!

How to thicken your hair with egg protein treatment!



Ever wondered what the remedy to thin, weak hair is? Have you tried an egg protein treatment? Most times the hair is weak when it has been stripped of protein due to excessive combing, heat, very harsh relaxers, bad conditioners or over conditioning.
The good news is that you can replenish lost hair protein by a carrying out medium to strong  protein treatment.
Egg protein treatment is a strong protein treatment so its advisable to do it at most once a month. As with all protein treatments,  it should be followed with deep conditioning because protein dries the hair and could cause the hair to break if not well managed.

So my last egg protein treatment went this way;

1. First, I worked my hair into 8twists,for manageability. Yours could be more or less depending on the volume of your hair.

2. I did a hotoil treatment as a pre shampoo treatment. Not hot like hot( I don’t wanna go bald), its just a term used to describe the process. You can check out details here.

3. Then I rinsed and comb gently from tip to root to prevent any tangles. If your hair gets tangled with egg yolk, it could be a very annoying experience, so its best to avoid it altogether. (It happened to me once *eyesrollin..I guess I’ ll share that experience sometime)

4. Then I washed, just the scalp and roots. The foam flows to the tip and cleans the dirt on the hair – applying shampoo on the hair could cause frizz.

5. I used a T-shirt to drain excess water. It used to be a really nice Tee shirt until my hair stole it from me.

6. Next, I made a paste of 2 egg yolks+2 tbsps of olive oil. Earlier on my hair journey, I used one egg but with increase in volume, I currently use two. So, if your hair is  really voluminous, use more than two. However if its not too much , use just one.


7. I Massaged it into my  hair by sections until all 8 sections were covered, and rolled it- bantu knot style.

8. I left it uncovered in the open air for 15-30 mins so my hair won’t choke on egg smell…lol, the real reason is that the hair gets hard as it dries so the hair cuticles would swell making your hair fuller and thicker.

9. At this time, my hair had become hard , any excess pulling would make it tear and break or even tangle which is worse, so I rinsed the hair with warm water, carefully. ( no combing yet otherwise I could be coming out of the bathroom with a clean shaved head – okay, thats exaggerated but you get the point).


10 Then I applied beautiful textures deep conditioner mixed with olive oil. Which I covered for thirty (long)mins.  I heart this product, it made my hair soft and fluffy at the end of the day


Well, thats how my protein day goes., once every month. Egg protein has numerous hair benefits include adding incredible shine. This is one of my staple hair secrets, and since i discovered it, I never let go. So you might want to try it and let me know how it goes. I’ d be glad to hear your feedback!

Stay Beautiful,



I’d like you to have a burn free relaxer-day…Joann


I started relaxing my hair about 10 years ago, with beautiful beginning relaxer kit, a brand of dark and lovely. It was really mild on my hair, so I never experienced severe burns. Just mild burns and on one or two occasions blisters- but the joy of having  freshly relaxed hair took away the pain. Back then, after applying relaxer on my hair, the hairdressers would say “If it starts hurting you, tell me” then after 15 mins, I’ d be like “It’s hurting”  The next thing I would hear is ” No oh, it’s not yet ‘done’, give it 10 mins”Anyways, I can’t blame them cos my natural hair is thick and ‘stubborn’ , so the hairdressers those days would just leave the relaxer on my hair for so long till it gets ‘done’, Hence the burns and eventual pain. Now in hindsight, I figured out the cause of such pain……


The common cause of scalp burn is when the relaxer is left on the hair for longer than necessary. Always ensure your hairdresser follows the time indicated on the relaxer instructions.

Sodium hydroxide is the active ingredient in relaxers with a pH of 9-14; it burns on contact with the skin. Little wonder, hairdressers wear gloves whenever they apply relaxer on the hair.

So you need to neutralize your hair and scalp (with a neutralizing shampoo) immediately after, so it returns to its normal pH of 5.


It ranges from mild burns to severe wounds with some hair sticking on the scalp.

There are several degrees of burns;

#1.  Mild burns-first degree: Hair is stuck to the scalp with inflammation and redness . Recovers within 3-7days.

#2. Medium burns-second degree: Blisters in several patches, no blood,  just pain,redness and stuck hair. Recovers in a week or two.

#3. Severe burns-third degree: The pain is unbearable,may cover the entire outer layer of skin with blood stains, pus or water coming out of the scalp. It may take years to recover

It’s advisable to stay off relaxers (for a while) if you fall into this category. Probably a year (depending on the severity). Remember, it’s a wound/burn and should be treated as such. Avoid using anything alcohol on it and seek medical attention ASAP.

When you need to wash, cleanse with black soap cos it has antibacterial properties, very mild and helps in quick healing.



STEP#1:  Wash with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the action of relaxer on the hair.

STEP#2: Deep condition using a moisturizing protein mixed with olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil to loosen up hair stuck to the scalp.

STEP#3: Apply Aloe Vera to burn area. If you have mild burns, Shea butter, castor oil would work well as an alternative.

For severe burns, visit a dermatologist or a doctor. JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E oil would do a lot of good.

STEP #4: Avoid scratching or irritating the scalp in any way to prevent inflammation.


Prevention is always better than cure

  1. Never ever let an amateur relax your hair for you; this has caused more hair loss than you can imagine.
  3. Base/protect your scalp with oil or heavy Butter especially if your scalp is sensitive. (JBCO or shea butter is recommended) Vaseline and olive oil are also very good.
  4. Avoid the use of harsh relaxers on your hair. If your hair is fine, don’t use the relaxer for coarse hair.
  5. Don’t let water (either from swimming or rain) touch your hair at least 4-7days before the relaxer day- 7 is most advisable.
  6. Avoid scratching your scalp days before retouching.
  7. While relaxing your hair, your stylist should not start from your scalp, s/he should begin at least 1/8 inch from your scalp. Will my hair still relax? Yes it will, the relaxer would definitely spread to those areas. So don’t worry, the edges would still be laid.

Relaxers are meant for hair not scalp, so if yo stylist starts applying relaxer to your scalp, don’t sit there smiling at the mirror, DIAL 911!!!

Okay, just kidding…..bout the 911 part.

Stay beautiful!!!



“You can have Healthy Relaxed Hair”


I just relaxed my hair, and felt I should write something about relaxing your hair the right way. It’s not just about what you do during touch-up; it is about what happens before, during and after relaxer day.

BEFORE ‘relaxer-day’

1. Do a conditioning protein treatment, about a week prior.

Reason: Hair is protein, when you apply relaxer chemicals to your hair, the protein bonds are broken down. Insufficient amount of protein will cause the hair to break, so it is fitting to give your hair enough protein to go through the process.  However, the protein should not overwhelm the hair.

2. Detangle the hair PROPERLY

Long before i started my hair journey, i used to think the relaxer would take care of the tangles, no wonder it hardly grew!

Reason: Relaxer does not melt tangles.  When relaxer touches tangled hair, it causes tear and breakage during combing as the tangles forcefully come out through the comb.

3. Prevent water from touching the hair at least three days prior to Relaxer day. This would prevent hair and scalp burn.



1. Protect your scalp with heavy oil and/or butter to prevent burns.

2. Protect your previously relaxed hair with olive oil or coconut oil or a combination to prevent over processing. This can also be done with leave- in conditioners; However, this is not an excuse to start applying relaxer on already relaxed hair. Sometime ago, a stylist protected my previously relaxed hair, then started applying relaxer on it, I couldn’t cry.

3. Retouch ONLY THE ROOTS i.e. new growth

Reason:  Previously relaxed hair is already weaker than the new growth, so extra relaxer on it would only cause the hair to further weaken and cause breakage, (both immediately and in the long run).

4. Part your hair according to the volume of your hair: as your hair gets longer with greater volume, you can’t divide the hair into three like you used to. It needs to be increased to about 4/5 or more depending on the volume.

Reason: While washing off the relaxer, detangling and combing, if the amount of hair in one section is too much, it gets tangled; the breakage at this stage could be nasty.

5. Use the back (not the front teeth) of a rat tail comb to smoothen new growth.

Reason: If you are using a tail comb instead of relaxer brush, the teeth would put a lot of tension on the fragile newly- relaxed hair. The back is gentler on the hair.


1. Comb hair from tip to root gradually with a wide toothed comb

2. Do a conditioning protein treatment immediately to restore protein-moisture balance to the hair.

Reason: Relaxers have drying effect on the hair.


3. Comb and detangle carefully.

4. AVOID HEAT:  It is advisable to avoid very hot dryers at this stage, stick to cool air, or warm blow driers to remove water. Heat on freshly relaxed hair is a one-way ticket to breakage town.

I look forward to hearing from you as you enjoy your relaxer-day. More hair care tips on retouching right would be up shortly.


 Stay beautiful!!!



The length of your hair is determined by how well you take care of it.


We started a beautiful discussion 3 weeks back on how to determine if relaxed or natural hair is best for you. From point 4, we see that knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hair would be a guide in making your decision. Let’s look at natural hair in depth.

Each strand of African Natural hair or Afro-textured hair grows in a tiny spring-like helix shape and are closely packed cos of the strong protein bonds in them. When this hair is relaxed through chemicals, those protein bonds are weakened and broken down permanently, which makes the hair straight. When the protein bonds are partially broken down, you have texlaxed hair which makes it thicker, stronger than completely relaxed hair.



You don’t have to bother to relax your hair every now and then ; C’mon, let’s face it, relaxing the hair could be stressful, especially if you wanna do it the healthy hair way. Usually, it is a whole- day event for me. So you can skip this altogether, if your hair is natural.


TIME TO DETANGLE: Natural hair can get tangled easily especially if you are not yet a ‘pro’ at caring for it. So it takes extreme patience to detangle the hair and as it gets longer you would take more time to detangle, an average of four hours in most cases.(could be more or less) It takes forever to air-dry.



YOU GET THE VOLUME: No matter how well you care for relaxed hair, you can never beat the volume of naturals. This is so captivating. #bighairdontcare. You can’t enter a place without making heads turn…especially when you style it gracefully.

big hair 1200


MORE HEAT, MORE DAMAGE: Afro-textured hair is not very heat friendly, so avoiding/minimizing it is one key to healthy hair. If you love sleek hair, you would have to straighten it often; soon you might be battling heat damage. You would also need heat to dry your hair on wash days when you don’t have about 2hrs or more to air-dry.

Continue reading pros and cons of natural hair 2

Stay beautiful!!!




You can always strengthen the weakened walls of relaxed hair with constant care and maintenance  ….Joann


Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin which is not easily regenerated by the body. However, it can be replenished temporarily through protein treatments.

Relaxed hair is one that has gone through a chemical process in which the protein bonds has  been weakened hereby making natural curls permanently straight. And you know what happens when the defense of a living thing is weakened; it becomes damage- prone.



1. WEAK HAIR: Think about what could happen to a defenseless city or town? It would easily be defeated by enemies and destroyed. So it is with relaxed hair, it is not as strong as your natural hair cos its natural defense (protein) has been weakened.
Now you understand why naturals straighten their hair often with little damage and you with relaxed could get damaged hair with just one use.

2. NEW GROWTH: Retouching once every three months could be a bother. It’s both exciting and stressful; exciting because you get to see your new length.

3. CHEMICALS: When we retouch, we apply chemicals to the hair that could be absorbed by the body. These chemicals can also burn your scalp if proper precautions are not taken.

4. STYLING: If you love to have afro curls, RUN from relaxers because you can’t achieve it with relaxed hair. Except you opt for weaves and wigs
Basically, there are more things you need to avoid, cos relaxed hair is more fragile than natural hair and it can easily be broken.

You can always strengthen the weakened walls of relaxed hair with constant care and maintenance.



Now, your question will be; So why do you still relax your hair seeing all these disadvantages?

My Answer: Hey, it’s not that bad, these are the reasons;

1. HAIR GOAL: One of my hair goals is to have really long hair, relaxing the hair helps me see how well am doing. There is no point having the length if I hardly see it; that’s the joy of the hair journey.

2. I SAVE TIME ON WASH DAYS; I could wash in the morning and go out by noon. In 2hrs am done; detangle in 30 mins max and air dry very fast.

3. MANAGEABLE; My hair is ever ready and prepped. I can style it into anything at any time without stress. When it gets windy I have no worries, I just use my hand to put it back in place.

4. Its SLEEK

5. WATER FRIENDLY: I can swim freely without getting concerned about shrinked hair (peculiar with natural hair). And I don’t get worried when it’s about to rain.

So I have come to realize that you can have healthy relaxed hair especially if you make protein a vital part of your hair routine, avoid bone-straight retouching and allow a little texture in it.

In conclusion;
I love relaxed hair cos I can see my actual hair length (all the time) and I save a LOT of time during wash days.
I love natural hair cos of its volume and resilience.

Stay Beautiful!!!



“Healthy hair is beautiful, I believe this is one desire all African ladies share, right?” – Joann

Maintenance could be stressful, but it’s worth it. Healthy hair boosts our confidence as ladies. You may not necessarily want long hair, but every lady desires healthy, lustrous and beautiful hair, so here are few tips you need for caring for those beautiful tresses while wearing sew-in weaves

Caring for your hair while wearing sew-in weaves is very important but often neglected. There are some things we need to do to ensure that our hair remains healthy and retains length whenever we have our weaves on. I ll do my best to make it as simple as possible.


May 2011:
I sat down at the hair salon, patiently waiting for my turn, so in the meantime, I signaled one of the attendants (apparently an apprentice). “I’d like to wash my hair before I fix”.  So she did 4 things that pleased me at the time:

1. She grabbed a bottle of sulfate shampoo; the hair was squeaky clean #mistake1

2. She squeezedthe hair inside a cotton towel to dry up 50% of the water #mistake2

3. She placed me under a very hot drier,to save time #mistake 2 1/2

4. She yanked at the hair with a comb. The hair was already stripped of all moisture, so the large lump of hair on the comb was seen as ‘normal’ shedding.

 I felt like she was doing the right thing until I loosened the hair and my hair was shorter.


1. Wash with sulfate free shampoo.

2. Do a protein treatment and deep condition about 2 days before to strengthen the hair and improve elasticity.

3. Apply a leave-in conditioner and seal.

4. Comb gently from tip to root.

5. Fix your weave.




A week after you fix your weave, sweat and dirt begin to build up underneath. And if you are leaving the hair for up to two months, your hair could start giving an offensive smell, and the scalp starts to itch. So cleaning the scalp often is compulsory.


There are several ways to clean the hair and scalp. This is what I’d recommend, especially for those that would find it difficult to run water through the weave while it is on.


1. Mix a mild shampoo with water.


2. Grab a cotton ball, dip in the mixture


3. Clean the scalp carefully and hair that can be reached, once a week.


4. Repeat the process with clean water.


Set your blow drier on cool and place it at least six inches away from the hair to dry out the water.
Apply a light leave in conditioner on the hair, avoiding the scalp. The leave in can touch your weave, it’s okay.
Oil the scalp and hair(not weave) with a dime-sized amount of light oil, such as coconut oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, etc.


Alternatively; you can make your own spritz made up of water, light oil and leave in conditioner.


1. Ensure that the cotton is almost free of water.


2. Minimize the use of oil on your scalp cos it could be a mess when sweat and oil start to mix


3. Ensure that it is completely dry to prevent mould on your hair.


4. Don’t fry your hair with the blow dryer.


5. On your scalp you can use a drop or two of oil for the entire head


6. You know that little part of the hair that sticks out, to cover the front of your weave? Minimize the use of straighteners on it and use a heat protectant (Oil moisturizers, shea butter, Argan oil, and many more) on the hair whenever you have to straighten.




TOOLS AND PRODUCTS: A pair of scissors or Blade, A wide-toothed comb, Shower cap, Deep protein and Conditioning treatment.

This is the part where we lose hair the most, but this can be minimized through the following steps;


1. When loosening the weave, ensure you cut the thread alone and not your hair.


2. After removing the attachment, BEFORE loosening the cornrows underneath, shampoo lightly, deep condition.




4. Towel dry. Dry 80% of the water under cool heat. (If it’s too hot, the hair would still snap in a shocking way while loosening)


5. Apply a leave-in conditioner and raw sheabutter


Then loose gently, unravel tangles with a detangler and your fingers. Avoid combing at this stage.





1. Co wash.


2. Comb from tip to root with a wide-toothed comb and your fingers.


3. Wash with a sulfate free shampoo.


4. Massage the scalp for about 5 mins while washing (optional but recommended) to aid blood circulation.


5. Rinse.


6. Do a light protein treatment (e.g. hair mayonnaise) and leave for 30mins (Do not comb or agitate), Rinse.


7. Deep condition with natural oils, cover for 5- 10mins.


8. Comb, Rinse.


9. Dry; apply leave in conditioner and seal.


10. Style as desired.


When you have gone through these processes, your hair would definitely be healthier than if you had not.

Contact for further enquiries.

Stay Beautiful !!!



Have you ever wondered why some people’s hair seems to be growing and yours isn’t?

It could be really frustrating, if you have been going through the daily, weekly, monthly routines and there is no massive length increase. This post is majorly to encourage those that started their hair journey within the last six months. Few months into your hair journey, it’s easy to feel discouraged and think that you’ve not made any ‘reasonable’ progress; the truth is you might actually be making more progress than you recognize.
Two months into my hair journey, I retouched my hair and I was 3 months post relaxer. Then I did my length check. I felt it was pretty much the same or even shorter (But, I kept taking pictures) At that point, I wanted to quit, but my mom told me that my hair was longer. It was just a little encouragement but it kept me going.
It wasn’t until September that year (6 months after) that I really felt/saw that my hair was longer.
You may not notice your length progress, until you get past shoulder length.
It would take up to 6 months under normal circumstances (without growth enhancers) to really feel the difference that you seek.
The question now is what progress are we to look out for?
Length? No. You really don’t want UNHEALTHY long hair. I mean, what’s the essence of reaching the top of a ladder only to discover that it was leaning against the wrong wall?
Know that you are on the right track if you experience;
1. Little or no breakage:  Daily hair shedding should be a maximum of 50 hair strands for African hair, so you shouldn’t be scared when you see few strands on your comb.
2. Healthy looking hair: Not looking weak or damaged. Thick elastic strands. Well moisturized.
How long will it take to start seeing progress?
Initially, it could take 6 months to see the kind of length difference you seek. Seems pretty long right? But, Time flies!!!
The key is to take your mind off the initial hair obsession and focus on your normal life and hobbies…This was the best advice I ever got when I started my hair journey, so I focused on learning new Nigerian dishes.
Take out 10 -15 mins a day for your daily routine (moisturize and seal)Just like you take your bath daily. Then leave the rest.



You need to worry;
1. If your hair is breaking at the tips or from the middle, GET HELP.
2. If your hair looks brittle in a short while (and you’ve been faithful to your routine) REVIEW YOUR PRODUCTS.
At the initial stage, we are eager for this massive length increase. Most times it’s not that the hair is not growing, but we set our expectations so high that little progress makes no sense. Lasting and meaningful progress is most times gradual. So be patient.
Know that your hair is growing, so make healthy hair your goal.
You can accelerate your hair growth through:
1. Daily scalp massage with extra virgin {castor oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, Coconut oil.}
2. Daily vitamin intake: Biotins, vitamin A. It helps you grow strong, silky, lustrous strands and increases your growth rate.
I haven’t used vitamins to enhance my hair growth since I started my hair journey cos its part of my experiment. However, I plan to use some later on this year.

In summary, Keep Calm, your hair is growing.

Stay beautiful!!!


RELAXED AND HEALTHY: Discover the secret to healthy long hair


RELAXED AND HEALTHY: A complete guide to healthy relaxed hair


How can I grow long relaxed hair?

Can I indeed grow my relaxed hair as long as possible?

These are questions I come across everyday and the book Relaxed and Healthy was born to guide readers on how to achieve long and healthy relaxed hair with minimal effort and proven results.

You can have healthy relaxed hair at your desired length but there are few things you need to know to achieve your dreams.  ” RELAXED AND HEALTHY” addresses common questions in a very interactive style that keeps readers engaged while learning. Each chapter is packed with examples and the book contains over 50 relaxed hair FAQs. It doesn’t just tell you what to do, but also gives you a purpose to back your actions. By the time you are done, you will be equipped with more than enough knowledge to grow your relaxed hair long and strong.

Purchase on Amazon 


This book has some great tips to help you grow your hair. I enjoyed The section on moisturizing and sealing. The Author made it simple to read and used many examples to help you. I would highly recommend this book for those trying to grow hair or maintain healthy hair – Jennifer

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I absolutely recommend this book for anyone who desires healthy hair!




What is hair conditioning?

Hair Conditioning is the act of applying a liquid / substance to the hair to strengthen and soften while improving manageability and eliminating dryness. So the idea here is, after applying any form of conditioner to your hair, it should be easily manipulated and rid of all forms of dryness. In other words, if what you are applying makes your hair stiff and doesn’t remove dryness, you are not holding a conditioner.

Types of Hair Conditioning

  • Leave in Conditioner: Used to maintain the hair daily.
  • Deep Conditioner (DC): Requires some form of heat to activate its benefits.
  • Wash day conditioner: Often used after shampooing

Shout out to ladies who save conditioning for wash days only. I see you there sis….Conditioning is not for washdays only. To achieve full bounce and hair strength, you might want to adopt the system of conditioning your hair everyday. How? For newbies, apart from the normal conditioner used after washing, there is also leave-in conditioner. As the name implies, it should NOT be rinsed out but remains in the hair, also suitable for daily application. The benefits of this conditioner is numerous, this is one of the most important ingredients in maintaining healthy long hair.

What are the benefits of hair conditioning?

  1. It tames Frizz: Been searching for a solution to your frizz-ball? Why not try out a leave in conditioner
  2. Eliminates Dryness: Moisture infusing properties of the conditioner prevents dryness and breakage.
  3. Strengthens hair: Conditioners protect the hair form wear and tear that may occur through combs and harsh weather conditions.

How to condition relaxed hair (Leave-in conditioner)

Cantu Shea Butter Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion for Natural Hair


  • Divide your hair into sections of 6 or more
  • Start at the tips where your hair is the oldest and driest per section. Starting from the roots makes the scalp greasy, limiting hair growth.
  • Apply a few drops of oil to each section: to add shine and to seal in moisture (i.e prevent moisture from ‘escaping’ from your hair)


When ‘Not-Enough’ is too much

So, I‘ve been on my hair journey for about 6 months, am still yet to figure out how much conditioner is too much?


  • A little amount of conditioner per section will do the trick, even though we will want to use as much as possible to give the hair that slip, excess conditioner will only make it greasy. Accumulated buildup of conditioner on the hair could weigh it down and reduce strength, making it break at any slight tension. Too much is the amount that gives you a greasy head of hair.


Dime-Sized ‘Saga’

I always hear dime sized amount, what if that dime-size is not okay for my hair. My hair still feels dry after using the dime-size?


  • Dime-size is a metaphor used to describe the fact that a little conditioner is what is needed to achieve maximum results. However, this could be a little misleading, as dime –size is never enough. For me, I’d take a little, massage my hair from the tip and work my way upward, when my fingers start feeling stiff, I reach for another portion to complete that section.

More on hair conditioning next week!

Stay Beautiful,


#joannhaircrushday- Men’s Ponytail




It gets its name from its resemblance to the undocked tail of a horse or pony. In the past,  this was considered informal for ladies,but it has become a more common way to wear the hair in formal settings as well. Mostly because it keeps hair away from the face and signifies usefulness.

Just on the side,  there is actually a ‘ponytail equation’ The Ponytail Shape Equation provides an understanding of how a ponytail is swelled by the outward pressure which arises from interactions between the component hairs.

l^{3}R_{{ssss}}-(L-s)R_{{ss}}+R_{s}-\pi (R)=0

The first equation of state for hair, developed by C F van Wyk in 1946.

History of the Ponytail

The interesting thing is men are not left out in the ponytail trend, whether it is simply the statement ponytail or the samurai man bun.

Lets go back in history, this might actually look familiar…


There is a possibility that men packing their hair upward started from some Asian tribes.

Frescoes from 1600 B.C. illustrate Greek women wearing ponytails. Ancient artwork also proves the style was embraced by Egyptian dancers and Roman girls.
In the 6th century, it was the Mayan men who wore ponytails while women wore braids

18th Century British military members wore wigs with queues; one style was meant to ward off the cut of a saber. For women, the ponytail was a hairstyle reserved for only little girls. No respectable woman would be seen outside of her boudoir with her hair in a ponytail!

For much of the 20th century, ponytails were widely accepted as a style for young girls. The first incarnations of Barbie had ponytails and short curled-under bangs. This remains an iconic look in the doll’s history.




Ponytail tips

Now for the ladies, remember to take precautions when wearing ponytails, so you don’t end up with receding hairlinetraction_alopecia

  1. Avoid wearing ponytails too tight. Apart from it creating tension around your hairline, it could also cause headaches.
  2. Avoid wearing ponytails very often. Just like buns, there is always the temptation for the working class lady to keep your hair in that one position every time because it is easy to maintain and it is out of your face. You can basically do everything without getting worried about the status of your hair. (A healthier alternative is to wear wigs)

Of Course, there are exciting ways to wear ponytails. Your hair may not be long enough but you can wear weaves or extensions that blend with the color of your hair. Till we see again next week….

Stay Beautiful,






What is castor oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odor once first ingested. It has been categorized for over-the-counter use as a laxative with its major site of action the small intestine where it is digested into ricinoleic acid

What is in castor oil?

The goodness of castor oil can be attributed to high amounts of ricinoleic acid – an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.


The four hair problems



Castor oil contains natural compounds that promote hair growth. A large percentage of castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, one of the essential amino acids required by the human body. It’s an Omega-9 fatty acid that can penetrate into the pores of the skin and the hair follicles. It provides nourishment, enabling the hair follicles to restore growth to a normal level.

It’s important to use a product that can reach the hair follicles, as the hair shaft itself is dead. The hair follicles are what’s responsible for creating new hair growth. These follicles can be persuaded to grow healthy, normal hair.

Castor oil will also protect existing hair follicles, keeping hair from being shed too quickly. The oil will also lessen the impact of sunshine and pollution.




One of the important constituents of castor oil, Ricinoleic acid, has anti- microbial properties, and this is what gives castor oil its property to kill bacteria that cause dandruff. The ricin present in the oil also has germicidal and fungicidal properties. These two protect the scalp from microbial and fungal infections leading to dandruff and scalp infections like seborrheic dermatitis.

Castor oil will also return the scalp to the optimum pH level, cure acne and dandruff. It will keep the organism population under control, which is what causes acne outbreaks and fungal growths such as dandruff. Overall, it’s an all-purpose hair and scalp restorative.



If your hair has started showing the first signs of graying, applying castor oil can prevent your hair from losing more pigment.

The application of castor oil is a popular method to prevent premature graying It helps your hair retain its pigment, and delays your hair turning gray or white.



Castor oil  is considered to be one of the most effective oils for hair thinning and hair loss.

Application of castor oil will make hair thicker. Castor oil contains 85-95% Ricinoleic Acid amongst other fatty acids which apart from making the hair darker and reducing premature greying also locks in the moisture which makes the hair thicker. This happens to be one of the main ingredients for thick relaxed hair.

What is your experience with castor oil?

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#joannhaircrushday-Classy Hair – Audrey Hepburn



When a woman walks into a room, she makes an impression of her personality in a way no words can describe and the very first striking thing about her is the hair she wears, it defines everything. No matter how expensive or inexpensive she is dressed, the hair defines her look. It can turn a corporate outfit into a gorgeous look, exude power, flirty, calm, sexy, etc.

The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. So let’s see what classy hair looks like.

Being classy is not about the style you wear, but how you wear it. Being classy does not necessarily mean that you wear your hair short, you can also wear it long and classy.

The word classy is synonymous with stylish, elegant, sophisticated. It reflects high standard of personal behavior, not crude or untidy.

A timeless classy example is ..…. Audrey Hepburn and that’s why she is our #haircrush for this week

What was she like?


Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, recognized as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood Golden Age. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third-greatest female screen legend in Golden Age Hollywood and was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.


Hepburn was noted for her fashion choices and distinctive look, to the extent that she has been described as a recognizable brand. Though she passed in early 1993, her classy legacy still lives on.

How to look Classy on the go.


  • Keep it clean: An untidy hairstyle has nothing on classy. So, this is where we begin. Brush it up in the morning. Moisture, sheen and brush.
  • Keep it simple: A classy hairstyle should not look complicated to the viewer. If you happen to have a very convoluted hairstyle on, you can rearrange your hair to make it simpler.
  • Keep your eyes open: Always look at other women that have that air of elegance around them and you can pick a thing or two from them. (Michelle Obama is a classic example)

Other examples of classy hair






Stay tuned next Thursday for another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday.

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I never knew life could get crazy busy as this, with little or no time for my hair. There is the saying “ You have to make time for what is important” But when  everything is so urgent and important, the things that really matter to you begin to drop down the scale of importance. My hair, sadly happens to be a victim of this. You may ask, what of weekends, unfortunately, I have no weekends anymore. And Sundays? Well, it happens to be too loaded with little or no time to rest. Fatigue and burnout are frequent visitors.

So here is a brief rundown of my day: I go to work in the morning, return quite late, when am not super exhausted, I settle to write , plan and probably take home some work from the office.

I don’t wish there will be people having more busy days than mine, but the truth is there are many people who have such busy days too and sadly much more busy than mine. Busy mom, with a job, a business and probably responsibilities at church…..crazy ain’t it.

The important thing is : “How do you find time for your hair in the midst of these?”

The Current state of my hair: Split ends (which I hope to trim after relaxing), over 3-inch deep undergrowth, New growth may have tangles too, (not verified)


Where I hope to be: Retouched hair, trimmed/blunt ends, A few ‘calabar’ and wigs.

How I got to the ‘current state’:

  1. Lack of planning: I normally plan and prepare for the new growth and this is strictly recommended. According to your lifestyle. i.e how busy, etc. It is important to choose to wear wigs from week 10/12 post-relaxer -with hair well braided(or cornrows) underneath. This prevents tangles and splits that may occur as a result of new growth
  2. Lack of patience: So, when I finally find time for the hair, I am usually super exhausted , hence, in a hurry and am just pulling the hair in several directions, causing further splits
  3. Assumptions: My hair is about 20 weeks post, I assumed that I would have time to relax my hair earlier, so I didn’t plan wigs and the thought of pulling my hair apart for braid/cornrows seems very scary cos of time again.

It is  not advisable to wear wigs when you have not properly taken care of your hair underneath, it would only worsen the case.


Just as the saying goes, “You need to find time for what is important to you”,

  • Tear yourself away from the busy lifestyle, take a day off, you will be shocked that nothing will crumble and things won’t fall apart as you have imagined.

Think of it; the time you have spent on your hair in the past, would you like that it all goes to waste? I guess not. It would really pay to take time out to give your hair some TLC.

  • Set the date and call it ‘hair day’. For me, ‘hair day’ has been set and my hair is going to have the treat of its life.

I’ll be back with pictures of how it turns out.


  • If you have relaxed hair, it is important to make plans ahead of time for every week starting from the day you retouch your hair.
  • When you know you will be super busy, purchase very nice wigs and braid your hair nicely underneath or put in cornrows. Then you can daily moisturize the whole hair in about 45seconds and you are good. I personally prefer ‘calabar’(box braids) because it makes wash day easy, since I wash my hair in sections.


Stay Beautiful,


#joannhaircrushday – GreyBraids – STORM




Every time, I see grey/silver braids, I think of the cartoon character “storm” in X-men. She happens to be one of the most adored female cartoon character. Its no wonder that this hairstyle portrays so much power. Unfortunately, storm never had the chance to wear her gorgeous grey hair in braids. Maybe the Marvel crew might put that into consideration in the next few years. P.S…  I still watch cartoons/animations.

So, it’s another exciting edition of #joannhaircushday. Today we will be celebrating GreyBraids hair and our #haircrush is no other than STORM , yeah, STORM from X-Men…:)

How to wear Grey Braids


Box Braids: The most popular way to wear the grey braids is in BOX BRAIDS. I have special love for the really chunky box braids for the simple reason that  it is quite easy and fast  to take down.


Crotchet braids: If not for the special effect  crotchet braids bring to the hair scene, we would probably be stuck with limited ways to wear grey braids.

We understand that not everyone is a fan of colored hair (i.e anything apart from black), but don’t deny yourself the opportunity to explore something different for once.

Will it fit me?


Grey braids are more flattering on ladies with brighter skin color. But if you are of darker shade, you might want to mix your grey wool or synthetic with black or a darker shade of grey,in order to bring out the best from the hairstyle.

How long can I carry this braids?

It is advisable to carry braids for not later than 3-4 weeks at best, to maintain healthy hair. Of course, caring for your hair while in braids is not an option this is what makes the difference between braids as a protective style and braids as a tool for hair breakage.

See you next week for another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday





The interesting thing about hair care is that hair growth is directly proportional to the amount of care we give it. Your hair can actually grow beyond its average length to your desired length, but you may ask yourself, ‘what does it take to get there?’

Hard work, consistence and patience. When I started to consciously maintain my hair is 2013, I was very skeptical, I saw many people cut off their previously relaxed hair to go natural. In my head, I was like, I cant be that crazy, what if this thing doesn’t work, then I will be stuck with “gorimapa”. My dad won’t even take it funny.

So, I did what a normal skeptic would do, stayed on the sidelines and watched how the ‘hair journey’ would unfold. After purchasing my hair products, I did the normal moisturizing, washing, drenched my hair in oil, (oh! how coconut oil suffered in my hand).


After 3 months, I told myself that I was going to quit, because I couldn’t see the difference. I thought I was just wasting my time. My mom was the angel God sent to tell me that ‘my hair had grown longer’. So, I became a believer after I saw my previous pictures, I couldn’t believe the difference. That’s why  I always encourage friends and foes to always take pictures of their hair before starting because it will be useful on the day you want to quit and Yes, there will definitely come that time when you want to quit the whole ‘hair maintenance’ ish.

Practically, everyone on the hair journey would pass through that route, so if you are there right now, congrats, because, you are about crossing a very significant bridge.


The meat of this whole story is that my hair grew longer….Find out what I did differently in the e-book Relaxed and Healthy. The good news: Out of of deep appreciation for your loyalty, joannhaircare is giving a 60% discount, SO HURRY 🙂


You can find it on: 




#joannhaircrushday – Afro Curls – Ana Lídia Lopes


Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday. Today, we will be celebrating #afrocurls and our #haircrush is no other than the gorgeous ANA LíDIA LOPES.

Afrocurls have been around for quite a while and the gorgeous look  is so admirable. Now, the beautiful thing is that it looks so attractive on both men and women.

Some of my favorite looks on men are

Next Tuesday,  we will look at how to achieve Afro curls on men. Meanwhile you can check out hair care for the African man. 

Afro curls can be achieved on ladies in two ways:

1. Get a weave: This goes without saying, if you have straight hair and want the Afro curls, you can either purchase a wig or weave.  
Maintenance is very important so your weave or wig won’t look like sponge while sitting on your hair.

Use a good moisturizer to keep your weave looking fresh and neat.

2. Curl your hair: If you have put in the effort to grow out your natural hair,  you might want to flaunt those curls.

1. Start with freshly washed and moisturized hair.

2. A good hair oil/pomade such as coconut oil.

3. Follow with a curling pudding such as Cantu,  Keracare,  beautiful textures, As I am, etc.

4. Finish off by drying your hair downwards for the big gorgeous fro.

Joann hair tip for the week

Sleep with a satin scarf at night to avoid frizz.


Hair care for the African man


I’ve got four men in my life (my dad and 3 handsome brothers)  and their hair matters a lot to me. So, some of them sneak up to my room and my hair products are at risk, because my brothers want to try everything I have on my shelf!

I see a lot of men these days with the old school Afro hair, surely this is inspired by the natural hair movement.  Apart from few classic ones,  some others are not just up to par.  So I put together few things that could help you get started on your Afro journey. And if you have already started, these tips will surely give you that umphh look!

Okay, now to basics :

1.  Get a trim before you start or if you have started, do so before you proceed. This will make your hair look clean and attractive.

2. Use a Shampoo at most 3 times a week.  I know some guys use bathing soap, it could work if you don’t plan on leaving a lot if  hair on your head. But the moment you think of leaving more hair on your head than the regular low cut, it is important to graduate to shampoos. Moisturizing sulfate free shampoos preferably.

Bathing soap will strip your hair of natural oils and make it feel hard, dry, and frizzy.

A MOISTURIZING shampoo on the other hand will keep your hair soft and easy to manage.

Recommended shampoos are:

I). Kuza  naturals Jamaican Black Castor oil shampoo.  This one that is really cool for everyday use.  Bear in mind that you don’t need so much at once. Few drops will do.

II).  Shea Moisture shampoo

III)  Black vanilla shampoo 

IV)  Aussie naturals


3. Moisturize your hair daily so it doesn’t get dry.  Dryness leads to frizz and frizzy hair isn’t cute.

Moisturizing your hair doesn’t mean using hair cream. Ditch the hair cream! If you are going for Afro hair about 1inch high or more, a moisturizer will do you a lot of good.

Example of moisturizers:

I) Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioing cream

II)  Beautiful textures moisture butter

III) Luster S curl no drip moisturizer.

IV)  Shea moisture leave in conditioner

Another great option is whipped Shea butter mixed with coconut oil or olive oil.

There are several styles of Afro hair that you may want depending on your style and personality. We will look at the various types in depth next Friday. So stay tuned!


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