Hi, my name is JoannPraise, I am from one of the most beautiful countries in West Africa, Nigeria, also known as the giant of Africa. One night in 2013, I was curious about my hair and the fact that I and a lot of African ladies, couldn’t grow their hair past their neck line or shoulder line, so I decided to do some research online and I discovered that it was all a myth.

So, I noted some suggestions and products I could use. The next day, I asked more questions and did more research. In about a month, I was ready to start my hair journey. I wasn’t frustrated about the length of my hair, like I said, I was simply curious. It turned out to be really exciting and since then I haven’t stopped.

I share from my personal experiences which includes self-taught tips and ones I have learnt from others on the healthy hair journey. Mind you, what works for one might not necessarily work for you, however, there are ground rules that govern black hair care- these you will find on joannhaircare.

I started this blog because a lot of people are also curious and I want to see a lot of African ladies with healthy beautiful hair, whether, natural, relaxed or texlaxed. I believe healthy and gorgeous hair boosts our confidence as ladies, and it is my desire to see a lot more confident ladies.

Stay Beautiful!!!