I never knew life could get crazy busy as this, with little or no time for my hair. There is the saying “ You have to make time for what is important” But when  everything is so urgent and important, the things that really matter to you begin to drop down the scale of importance. My hair, sadly happens to be a victim of this. You may ask, what of weekends, unfortunately, I have no weekends anymore. And Sundays? Well, it happens to be too loaded with little or no time to rest. Fatigue and burnout are frequent visitors.

So here is a brief rundown of my day: I go to work in the morning, return quite late, when am not super exhausted, I settle to write , plan and probably take home some work from the office.

I don’t wish there will be people having more busy days than mine, but the truth is there are many people who have such busy days too and sadly much more busy than mine. Busy mom, with a job, a business and probably responsibilities at church…..crazy ain’t it.

The important thing is : “How do you find time for your hair in the midst of these?”

The Current state of my hair: Split ends (which I hope to trim after relaxing), over 3-inch deep undergrowth, New growth may have tangles too, (not verified)


Where I hope to be: Retouched hair, trimmed/blunt ends, A few ‘calabar’ and wigs.

How I got to the ‘current state’:

  1. Lack of planning: I normally plan and prepare for the new growth and this is strictly recommended. According to your lifestyle. i.e how busy, etc. It is important to choose to wear wigs from week 10/12 post-relaxer -with hair well braided(or cornrows) underneath. This prevents tangles and splits that may occur as a result of new growth
  2. Lack of patience: So, when I finally find time for the hair, I am usually super exhausted , hence, in a hurry and am just pulling the hair in several directions, causing further splits
  3. Assumptions: My hair is about 20 weeks post, I assumed that I would have time to relax my hair earlier, so I didn’t plan wigs and the thought of pulling my hair apart for braid/cornrows seems very scary cos of time again.

It is  not advisable to wear wigs when you have not properly taken care of your hair underneath, it would only worsen the case.


Just as the saying goes, “You need to find time for what is important to you”,

  • Tear yourself away from the busy lifestyle, take a day off, you will be shocked that nothing will crumble and things won’t fall apart as you have imagined.

Think of it; the time you have spent on your hair in the past, would you like that it all goes to waste? I guess not. It would really pay to take time out to give your hair some TLC.

  • Set the date and call it ‘hair day’. For me, ‘hair day’ has been set and my hair is going to have the treat of its life.

I’ll be back with pictures of how it turns out.


  • If you have relaxed hair, it is important to make plans ahead of time for every week starting from the day you retouch your hair.
  • When you know you will be super busy, purchase very nice wigs and braid your hair nicely underneath or put in cornrows. Then you can daily moisturize the whole hair in about 45seconds and you are good. I personally prefer ‘calabar’(box braids) because it makes wash day easy, since I wash my hair in sections.


Stay Beautiful,



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