#joannhaircrushday – GreyBraids – STORM

#joannhaircrushday – GreyBraids – STORM




Every time, I see grey/silver braids, I think of the cartoon character “storm” in X-men. She happens to be one of the most adored female cartoon character. Its no wonder that this hairstyle portrays so much power. Unfortunately, storm never had the chance to wear her gorgeous grey hair in braids. Maybe the Marvel crew might put that into consideration in the next few years. P.S…  I still watch cartoons/animations.

So, it’s another exciting edition of #joannhaircushday. Today we will be celebrating GreyBraids hair and our #haircrush is no other than STORM , yeah, STORM from X-Men…:)

How to wear Grey Braids


Box Braids: The most popular way to wear the grey braids is in BOX BRAIDS. I have special love for the really chunky box braids for the simple reason that  it is quite easy and fast  to take down.


Crotchet braids: If not for the special effect  crotchet braids bring to the hair scene, we would probably be stuck with limited ways to wear grey braids.

We understand that not everyone is a fan of colored hair (i.e anything apart from black), but don’t deny yourself the opportunity to explore something different for once.

Will it fit me?


Grey braids are more flattering on ladies with brighter skin color. But if you are of darker shade, you might want to mix your grey wool or synthetic with black or a darker shade of grey,in order to bring out the best from the hairstyle.

How long can I carry this braids?

It is advisable to carry braids for not later than 3-4 weeks at best, to maintain healthy hair. Of course, caring for your hair while in braids is not an option this is what makes the difference between braids as a protective style and braids as a tool for hair breakage.

See you next week for another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday


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