#joannhaircrushday – Afro Curls – Ana Lídia Lopes

#joannhaircrushday – Afro Curls – Ana Lídia Lopes


Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday. Today, we will be celebrating #afrocurls and our #haircrush is no other than the gorgeous ANA LíDIA LOPES.

Afrocurls have been around for quite a while and the gorgeous look  is so admirable. Now, the beautiful thing is that it looks so attractive on both men and women.

Some of my favorite looks on men are

Next Tuesday,  we will look at how to achieve Afro curls on men. Meanwhile you can check out hair care for the African man. 

Afro curls can be achieved on ladies in two ways:

1. Get a weave: This goes without saying, if you have straight hair and want the Afro curls, you can either purchase a wig or weave.  
Maintenance is very important so your weave or wig won’t look like sponge while sitting on your hair.

Use a good moisturizer to keep your weave looking fresh and neat.

2. Curl your hair: If you have put in the effort to grow out your natural hair,  you might want to flaunt those curls.

1. Start with freshly washed and moisturized hair.

2. A good hair oil/pomade such as coconut oil.

3. Follow with a curling pudding such as Cantu,  Keracare,  beautiful textures, As I am, etc.

4. Finish off by drying your hair downwards for the big gorgeous fro.

Joann hair tip for the week

Sleep with a satin scarf at night to avoid frizz.


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