Hair care for the African man

Hair care for the African man


I’ve got four men in my life (my dad and 3 handsome brothers)  and their hair matters a lot to me. So, some of them sneak up to my room and my hair products are at risk, because my brothers want to try everything I have on my shelf!

I see a lot of men these days with the old school Afro hair, surely this is inspired by the natural hair movement.  Apart from few classic ones,  some others are not just up to par.  So I put together few things that could help you get started on your Afro journey. And if you have already started, these tips will surely give you that umphh look!

Okay, now to basics :

1.  Get a trim before you start or if you have started, do so before you proceed. This will make your hair look clean and attractive.

2. Use a Shampoo at most 3 times a week.  I know some guys use bathing soap, it could work if you don’t plan on leaving a lot if  hair on your head. But the moment you think of leaving more hair on your head than the regular low cut, it is important to graduate to shampoos. Moisturizing sulfate free shampoos preferably.

Bathing soap will strip your hair of natural oils and make it feel hard, dry, and frizzy.

A MOISTURIZING shampoo on the other hand will keep your hair soft and easy to manage.

Recommended shampoos are:

I). Kuza  naturals Jamaican Black Castor oil shampoo.  This one that is really cool for everyday use.  Bear in mind that you don’t need so much at once. Few drops will do.

II).  Shea Moisture shampoo

III)  Black vanilla shampoo 

IV)  Aussie naturals


3. Moisturize your hair daily so it doesn’t get dry.  Dryness leads to frizz and frizzy hair isn’t cute.

Moisturizing your hair doesn’t mean using hair cream. Ditch the hair cream! If you are going for Afro hair about 1inch high or more, a moisturizer will do you a lot of good.

Example of moisturizers:

I) Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioing cream

II)  Beautiful textures moisture butter

III) Luster S curl no drip moisturizer.

IV)  Shea moisture leave in conditioner

Another great option is whipped Shea butter mixed with coconut oil or olive oil.

There are several styles of Afro hair that you may want depending on your style and personality. We will look at the various types in depth next Friday. So stay tuned!