HONEY AND COCONUT OIL – The deep conditioner in your kitchen.

HONEY AND COCONUT OIL – The deep conditioner in your kitchen.


PhotoGrid_1471701029798If you ever find yourself in such situation where you run out of deep conditioner and you need an urgent deep conditioning treatment, you don’t need to worry, simply look in your kitchen and you might find one of the best deep conditioners around, from bananas to avocado, egg white and many more, but today, we will be focused on Honey and coconut oil. When it comes to product selection from the store, products with a higher concentration of natural ingredients are highly recommended, so in a case where they are unavailable, you can as well create yours and get the same or even better results.

My experience….

I touched my hair that week, and I didn’t like the texture(it felt unusually dry), I couldn’t explain what was wrong but I knew there was a need for something more than my regular regimen. Since I was due for a deep conditioning treatment having had a protein treatment the previous week, I decided to ‘go natural’ with my products….

What did I do?

  1. I got two tablespoons of pure natural honey
  2. As well as three tablespoons of coconut oil
  3. I mix all together in a plastic
  4. Then put the plastic in a bowl of hot water, just to warm up the mixture a little

The procedure….

  1. I detangled my hair like I always do before washing
  2. Then I divided into sections of four ( because my new growth is not so much, when it gets plentier, I divide into 8 or more sections)
  3. I washed with my new shampoo, “Kuza naturals, Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo. (Still experimenting with it- so far, so good)
  4. Then I used a cotton cloth to remove excess water
  5. Applied my honey and coconut oil mix generously to my covering the roots to the tips
  6. Covered for 30 mi with a steam cap, I also wrapped my head with a towel to absorb excess dripping from my hair. (It could get really messy without it)
  7. After the time elapsed, I combed each section gently from the tip (in sections) , then rinsed out with cold water.



Of course, I allowed it to air dry, and it dried so fast, in leass than an hour, it was completely dried… the roots were still about 70% dried… so I went on to write while waiting for the hair to dry.

What is in honey and coconut oil?

Honey is a  rich hub for most of the natural minerals needed for strong , healthy hair such as  Vitamin B6, niacin, thiamine, panthothenic acid and riboflavin. And many more minerals depending on the floral type of honey.

Honey is a humectant (i.e it attracts moisture), contains vitamins and minerals that has incredible healing properties.

Coconut oil contains Vitamin K , vitamin E and many more. It preservers the hair protein. It is rich in antioxidants, improves scalp, health and helps fight infection, adds volume and shine to the hair.

Whats more?

  • If your hair is dry and damaged, this recipe might just be what your hair needs
  • You can as well replace coconut oil with olive oil
  • Honey is also very good for the skin. In my curious nature, I also tried this recipe for my skin and it felt really soft and smooth.

In Summary:

There is always a natural solution for whatever challenge your hair is facing, take time to seek it and
Stay Beautiful!

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What is your favorite home-made concoction?





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