#joannhaircrushday Malinda Williams -Short Hair

#joannhaircrushday Malinda Williams -Short Hair



Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday, today we are celebrating #shorthair. Y’all know the actress, Malinda Williams, from Girlfriend’s getaway, soul food, daddy’s little girls, first sunday and many more. Well, today we are not talking about movies. Malinda is our hair crush as we celebrate short hair.

Short hair is modern, easy, chic- short. Many celebrities and hairstylists love this hairstyle for summer.

Malinda is an American actress, born in Heidelberg, Germany. She made her television debut in an episode of the cosby show in 1987, and has since then starred in several movies including my personal favorite Daddy’s Little Girl.

Below are some tips for maintaining short hair

  1. Create a trimming schedule: You can schedule a cut for every two weeks, or once a month depending on how fast it grows
  2. Don’t neglect moisture: Since your hair is quite easy to maintain, it doesn’t mean you can go without giving your hair some moisture bust
  3. Select the right kind of oil: Some oils are greasier than others, it’s advisable to select a light oil, so your hair doesn’t look weighed-down.
  4. Avoid the temptation to shampoo everyday: It is easy to want to do this since it’s easy to maintain. Opt for a co-wash instead whenever you feel like pouring water on your hair.


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