Challenges of Relaxed Hair

Challenges of Relaxed Hair


Its almost common knowledge that having relaxed hair could be a little detrimental to hair growth. I believe this is a myth because hair growth has got nothing to do with  whether you have relaxed hair or not; in fact,  hair grows naturally on its own

Growing your hair long is first a determination before anything else. Then it is also a commitment: A commitment to care for what is yours. Persistence is another word that resonates with growing long hair. While all these could sound easy and motivating, there are some challenges we face along the line, with relaxed hair. Some of them are;

  1. Breakage: Since relaxed hair is not as strong as natural hair, breakage could happen somewhere along the line if proper precautions are not taken.

You can prevent breakage by:

Doing a protein treatment often, but not too much: Twice a month is the recommended time for this.

Deep conditioning your hair at least weekly: This balances moisture in your hair and increases tensile strength.

2. Hair Relaxing: 

Applying relaxers the wrong way can cause stunted growth. One of the most important parts of caring for relaxed hair is avoiding breakage on touch-up day. You can find details of this here.

3. Tangles: 

As your hair grows longer, it becomes tangled more often. this could be more of a challenge to relaxed hair because of little tensile strength i.e elasticity associated with relaxed hair.

4. Mixed texture: 

You may not always experience the same consistency with your hair texture when relaxing your hair. It is possible to have some parts of your hair thicker than others along the line. This shouldnt be so much of a problem when you have the right leave in conditioner. It could be distabilizing when you are just starting out your hair journey but as you progress, you will see that this is not a bog deal if your hair is constantly moisturized and is in a healthy state.

So stay tuned and watch out for the remedy to these challenges in the new week.

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