Sunshyne…Celebrating Relaxed Hair #joannhaircrushday

Sunshyne…Celebrating Relaxed Hair #joannhaircrushday


Welcome to another exciting edition of #joannhaircrushday. Today we are celebrating #relaxedhair, 2 weeks back we celebrated #naturalhair and it was a really exciting time.

Our #haircrush today is no other than Sunshyne, CEO Hairlicious

Sunshyne of Hairlicious Inc and Hairlista

What makes relaxed hair so special?

Relaxed hair is one whose natural structure has been chemically altered. This alteration happens when alkaline chemicals called relaxer have been applied to the hair.

Myth about relaxed hair

  1. Relaxed hair is weak: This is not always the case, abuse of the relaxer is what makes it weak. i.e Leaving the relaxer beyond the recommended time on your hair. Ideally application and retention time on the hair should not be more than 30 minutes.
  2. Having relaxed hair will prevent you from having long hair: The same maintenance you give to your hair when it is natural is the same one you give when your hair relaxed, maybe a little extra and a little less in some areas.

Facts about relaxed hair

  1. Caring for your relaxed hair is what makes it healthy and strong. Just like you nurture everything precious, so also nurturing your relaxed hair makes it healthy and strong.
  2. Moisturize your hair daily with a moisturizing leave in conditioner and remember to seal with oil
  3. Deep condition weekly with a deep conditioner
  4. Protein treatment strengthens relaxed hair and repairs over processed hair

…So you want to achieve Sunshyne’s results.

  1. Be patient because long hair takes a good amount of time
  2. Make time for your hair in the midst of your busy schedule
  3. Read Facts about relaxed hair again
  4. Read How to grow your hair long

Other beautiful women rocking healthy relaxed hair

Lade of


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Joann Hair tip for the week

Nourish your scalp with natural oils such as jojoba, coconut oil, castor oil, etc. Not too much though *wink. 

Jojoba has similar properties with our natural scalp sebum, so it is most recommended for regular scalp use.

Stay Beautiful



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