Fixing Receding Hairline

Fixing Receding Hairline


Receding hairline

The beauty of hair is the front because that’s the first thing people look at when they see your front view. So as ladies, we do everything to cover up imperfections on our faces and at our hairline. But in our closets we face the harsh reality of imperfect edges.

Hair edges are the most fragile part of all our hair, of course that’s where we have baby hair.

There are several reasons why the hairline recedes

  1. Health issues: Alopecia either temporary or permanent is one major cause of halted growth at the hair crown. It could be hereditary or caused by Deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals
  2. Hair practices such as

A) Braiding: Excessive braiding or wearing braids that are too tight causes temporary alopecia. Especially if this occurs over an extended period of time.

B) Excessive ponytail or hairstyles that put a lot of tension on your edges.

C) Excess use of harsh gel.

D) Excessive brushing and use of hard bristled brushes.

Fixing it…

Not all cases of alopecia can be reversed naturally, when alopecia is permanent, patient might have to resolve to hair transplant or prescriptions by a certified trichologist.

But if you are suffering from a case of temporary alopecia caused by hair practices…

The number one winner for reversing receding hairline caused by hair practices is

  1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
  2. Shea butter.


Massage into affected area for about 5 mins daily, result should be very visible by the second to third month.

Note: If temporary alopecia is not quickly resolved it could become permanent.


Sleep wearing a satin scarf to protect the fragile (growing) edges from pressure from cotton bedsheets/ pillowcases.


Avoid every hairstyle that puts tension on your edges, e.g. constant ponytails or buns, tight braids, tiny (million) braids. In summary anything tight is not for you. You may not even need to apply anything to your hair if you adhere to this simple principle, it will simply regrow naturally.

Q: Should I wear loose hairstyles alone?

A: Nah, it should be firm but not tight. However, if your edges have suffered some form of traction, it is advisable to allow it to rest for up to 3 months.

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