Bantu Knots – Sheila Ndinda #joannhaircrushday

Bantu Knots – Sheila Ndinda #joannhaircrushday


Welcome to another inspiring edition of #joannhaircrushday

Today we are celebrating #Bantuknots and our #haircrush is Sheila Ndinda

Sheila #joannhaircrushday
Sheila Ndinda

Bantu knots, also called Zulu knots originated from West Africa. It’s through many waves of migration that they spread through other parts of the continent! The word Bantu means “People”.

A common misconception is that bantu knots can only be worn by naturals. In fact, it can be worn by all hair types and still look really good, before we get into those details, let’s look at how Sheila got her gorgeous bantuknots.

Sheila Ndinda is Kenyan, she is a Natural hair enthusiast Obsessed about healthy skin, hair, makeup, beauty, fashion and bits.

How to get Sheila’s #bantuknots

She Started off with Freshly washed and deep conditioned hair and used a T-shirt to squeeze the excess water out of her hair.

Next : She Sectioned her hair

Next: She Detangled and Moisturized using the LOC method with Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow and Restore, Coconut oil, and Waridi Butter from AjaniHandmade.

Next : She installed a two strand twist then twisted on top of the hair to form a Knot

This is where Bantu knot ends. However, if you want to loosen the knots for a more classy evening look, here is what you do:

Next : She Air dried and Slept with a satin bonnet at night

Next: After the knots were 100% dry, she pulled them down and separated the twists

Next : To get rid of the all of the parts, she used an afro comb to gently lift the roots making sure she was not pulling the comb all the way through.

Her Bonus Tip: As you separate the curls make sure you do so very carefully and also twirl your fingers around the curl at the ends to keep them curly and avoid frizz. ”

Sheila Ndinda

You can also start your #bantuknot with a dried hair.

Courtesy: Africantressandtreats

Instagram: @Sheilandinda

Other Beautiful women rocking the #bantuknot


Tife #joannhaircrushday
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CENTURY CITY, CA - APRIL 21: Tracee Ellis Ross attends the opening of REFUGEE Exhibit at Annenberg Space For Photography on April 21, 2016 in Century City, California. ((Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)
CENTURY CITY, CA – Tracee Ellis Ross  (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

Joann Tip for the week:

Castor oil strengthens the hair. If your hair is relaxed, this could be your miracle oil *wink*

See you next Thursday

Stay Beautiful!


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