Zendaya Coleman – Faux Locs #joannhaircrushday

Zendaya Coleman – Faux Locs #joannhaircrushday



Today is Thursday #tbt so I had to throw back to this hair style which has been trending for a while now. Locks look so so beautiful when you wear them right!

Locs or dreads are often associated with the African culture. Recently there has been cultural appropriation debate, with respect to the black woman who accused a white male student of wearing dreads, and most recently Justin Beiber’s dreads (new look).

We shouldn’t be divided by the way we choose to wear our hair, rather it should bind us together. Diversity is the spice that makes life beautiful.

If you love to wear these faux locs, you are in good company…..

How to get Zendaya’s locs

Marley hair is the best hair type or texture for faux locs. Some people like to use Kanekalon hair for the inside of the dread. You can either choose to wear them for short term or long term.You can see how to install your faux locs here.

Other beautiful ways to rock those locs

Claire Sulmers #joannhaircrushday

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Healthy hair side of faux locs

Is Faux locs a protective style?

Yes it is….Just like every other hair installations and extensions, what makes a style really protective is the care we give our hair underneath. The health of our hair is the most important thing as we crave versatility and trend.

  1. Ensure your hair is in good condition. It is not advisable to install locs or other extensions when your hair is weak or damaged.
  2. Don’t put it on too tight, just like braids
  3. Since the style requires double the hair compared to braid, extra weight could cause neck and back pain, so be careful of the length and weight of hair being installed.
  4. Most importantly, Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize and seal your hair and scalp often.

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Whichever way you choose to wear your locs…..always Stay Beautiful!

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