One time, I had this really annoying itch on my scalp, so here’s what I did; I melted a little amount of shea butter using my blow dryer then mixed it with coconut oil, the action was almost instant. Since I continued using  it on my scalp, I never had another day of itch. But when I stopped using it,  the itch gradually returned after about 3 days of heat.

Later on, I discovered a more excellent way  which I’ll discuss later. I live in the tropics and there is a tendency to sweat a lot on my scalp. Hence, applying oil to it  very often is not advisable.  It could cause more serious scalp conditions and irritation.

Maintaining healthy scalp is key to hair growth, without it, your scalp wont produce healthy hair. Some of the most common inconveniences that plagues afro textured  hair are itchy scalp and dandruff. What’s worse is when you are in an important public place and the ‘bad boi’ decides to surface; Then you start hitting the head and looking for coded ways to soothe the itch.
Oh, Poor you!  if white flakes start pouring from your head.

So here, I will be giving some tips that can prevent itching and solutions that actually works for several. But if you have a really bad itch causing bleeding and all that , pls check with your dermatologist ASAP that is, today or tomorrow. I dont want all your hair falling out as a result.

Now to the very important part-
How can I get rid of scalp itch?
1. If the itch is caused by dandruff, then you can get a shampoo that contains coal tar,  selenium or zinc pyrithione, these are ingredients that help control yeast. e.g Neutrogena T-gel shampoo, etc

2.  Acid Cider Vinegar ( ACV) rinse;
Mix one part ACV with three parts water
Pour on your scalp and let it sit for about 10mins, afterwards shampoo. Always follow with a deep conditioner.

3. Lemon rinse:
There are several ways lemon is used to relieve itch, some of the most common and effective ways are;
1.Mix one part lemon juice with three parts water, let it sit for about 10 mins, then shampoo. Always follow with a deep conditioner.
2. Mix one tbsp lemon juice with 2 tbsp aloe vera gel or 3 tpbs of aloe vera juice. Let it sit for  20-30 mins, then wash.

4. Rinse Thoroughly:
Wash with a very mild shampoo preferably an organic one such as black soap.
Rinse with a lot of clean water. When the scalp is clean, you wont have to battle with hygiene based scalp conditions.
Try not to irritate the scalp with harsh substances such as sulfates (SLS shampoos)
Wash regularly.

Now to the more excellent way;
After I decided to stop using shea butter on my scalp, I started to rinse my hair thoroughly for about 10 mins every wash day and reduce the amount of oil I use on my scalp.  So it became a dime – sized amount once in 3 days.
After that, the itch was gone permanently.
It worked like magic!

Let me know which of these works for you and recommendations that have worked for you
Watch out for how to get rid of flakes /causes of dandruff.

Stay Beautiful!!!

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