How to thicken your hair with egg protein treatment!

How to thicken your hair with egg protein treatment!



Ever wondered what the remedy to thin, weak hair is? Have you tried an egg protein treatment? Most times the hair is weak when it has been stripped of protein due to excessive combing, heat, very harsh relaxers, bad conditioners or over conditioning.
The good news is that you can replenish lost hair protein by a carrying out medium to strong  protein treatment.
Egg protein treatment is a strong protein treatment so its advisable to do it at most once a month. As with all protein treatments,  it should be followed with deep conditioning because protein dries the hair and could cause the hair to break if not well managed.

So my last egg protein treatment went this way;

1. First, I worked my hair into 8twists,for manageability. Yours could be more or less depending on the volume of your hair.

2. I did a hotoil treatment as a pre shampoo treatment. Not hot like hot( I don’t wanna go bald), its just a term used to describe the process. You can check out details here.

3. Then I rinsed and comb gently from tip to root to prevent any tangles. If your hair gets tangled with egg yolk, it could be a very annoying experience, so its best to avoid it altogether. (It happened to me once *eyesrollin..I guess I’ ll share that experience sometime)

4. Then I washed, just the scalp and roots. The foam flows to the tip and cleans the dirt on the hair – applying shampoo on the hair could cause frizz.

5. I used a T-shirt to drain excess water. It used to be a really nice Tee shirt until my hair stole it from me.

6. Next, I made a paste of 2 egg yolks+2 tbsps of olive oil. Earlier on my hair journey, I used one egg but with increase in volume, I currently use two. So, if your hair is  really voluminous, use more than two. However if its not too much , use just one.


7. I Massaged it into my  hair by sections until all 8 sections were covered, and rolled it- bantu knot style.

8. I left it uncovered in the open air for 15-30 mins so my hair won’t choke on egg smell…lol, the real reason is that the hair gets hard as it dries so the hair cuticles would swell making your hair fuller and thicker.

9. At this time, my hair had become hard , any excess pulling would make it tear and break or even tangle which is worse, so I rinsed the hair with warm water, carefully. ( no combing yet otherwise I could be coming out of the bathroom with a clean shaved head – okay, thats exaggerated but you get the point).


10 Then I applied beautiful textures deep conditioner mixed with olive oil. Which I covered for thirty (long)mins.  I heart this product, it made my hair soft and fluffy at the end of the day


Well, thats how my protein day goes., once every month. Egg protein has numerous hair benefits include adding incredible shine. This is one of my staple hair secrets, and since i discovered it, I never let go. So you might want to try it and let me know how it goes. I’ d be glad to hear your feedback!

Stay Beautiful,


  1. Nice work! Thing is what’s your advice for guys (cos in our society the hair game is mostly left to the ladies? I’d love to keep my hair for sometime but it hurts when grown

    • Lol.. Thanks commodore. That’s true, the hair tips are mostly for ladies but I should be doing something for the men soonish! For your hair, you should get a hair butter than softens and makes it manageable such as ELASTAQP Mango butter, curl defining pudding. I’d like to know how it goes.

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