Few nights ago, I was curled up under my duvet when all of a sudden, I woke up cos I was sooo cold. It was like I was moved into a freezer while I slept. The air was really dry and I kept drinking water all through the night. I knew we had finally entered the hamarttan season.
My hair confirmed this after I woke up and deep conditioned it and it felt dry in few minutes(very unusual).

I saw that the hair rules had to change from what it used to be.
Hamarttan is a very dry, dusty easterly or north-easterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February. (Oxford dictionary)

During this extreme dry and cold season, it is easy to lose a lot of hair to dryness and breakage. And the effort you have put into maintaining your hair all year could diminish or be lost. To prevent this from happening, these are my new rules;

1. I ll protect my hair: This is the time to make use of those lovely lacewigs you have been saving since January,  not a time to flaunt how long/healthy your hair is. If you dont like lacewigs, you can stick to braids or protective styles that ensure your hair is well protected from the elements.

2. I ll make shea butter my best friend; use it more often especially for DC , pre poo and sealing because shea butter infuses moisture into the hair( when used moderately).

3. I ll try to co wash in  between wash days: This could be a bit stressful, so I stick to spray bottle (a mixture of water, leave in conditioner and oil- I ensure the water is more, followed by the leave in). I spray at night and during the day when I feel the hair is dry.

4. Try to include humectants into your deep conditioning treatment: Honey is a great choice. Humectants draw moisture from the air into your hair. It also maintains the moisture in the hair.

5. I’ll mix my leave in conditioner with a little water for additional moisture , then seal with heavy butter and oil like shea butter and castor oil.

6. I’ ll wear a silk scarf before sleeping:  Moisture in the hair is sapped by the air especially at night when the weather gets REALLY dry.

7. I’ll tie a silk scarf when I have to be outside (under the dry sun) or at least wear a wig.

8. I ll consciously drink loads of water, there is nothing like moisture from within.

Reminds me of the animated movie ‘Rango’ when plants and animals needed water in the desert and someone controlled the water so he could control the poor animals, well, salvation came at last for them through the hero-Rango.
Think of yourself as the hero(Rango), that has brought water (salvation) to your hair, skin, organs, etc. Abundant water in you would prevent your hair and skin from looking dry this season,  it would also prevent dehydration.
This is the time to DRINK a lot of water, am partially dehydrated as I write. I need more water.

Stay Beautiful!

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