You can always strengthen the weakened walls of relaxed hair with constant care and maintenance  ….Joann


Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin which is not easily regenerated by the body. However, it can be replenished temporarily through protein treatments.

Relaxed hair is one that has gone through a chemical process in which the protein bonds has  been weakened hereby making natural curls permanently straight. And you know what happens when the defense of a living thing is weakened; it becomes damage- prone.



1. WEAK HAIR: Think about what could happen to a defenseless city or town? It would easily be defeated by enemies and destroyed. So it is with relaxed hair, it is not as strong as your natural hair cos its natural defense (protein) has been weakened.
Now you understand why naturals straighten their hair often with little damage and you with relaxed could get damaged hair with just one use.

2. NEW GROWTH: Retouching once every three months could be a bother. It’s both exciting and stressful; exciting because you get to see your new length.

3. CHEMICALS: When we retouch, we apply chemicals to the hair that could be absorbed by the body. These chemicals can also burn your scalp if proper precautions are not taken.

4. STYLING: If you love to have afro curls, RUN from relaxers because you can’t achieve it with relaxed hair. Except you opt for weaves and wigs
Basically, there are more things you need to avoid, cos relaxed hair is more fragile than natural hair and it can easily be broken.

You can always strengthen the weakened walls of relaxed hair with constant care and maintenance.



Now, your question will be; So why do you still relax your hair seeing all these disadvantages?

My Answer: Hey, it’s not that bad, these are the reasons;

1. HAIR GOAL: One of my hair goals is to have really long hair, relaxing the hair helps me see how well am doing. There is no point having the length if I hardly see it; that’s the joy of the hair journey.

2. I SAVE TIME ON WASH DAYS; I could wash in the morning and go out by noon. In 2hrs am done; detangle in 30 mins max and air dry very fast.

3. MANAGEABLE; My hair is ever ready and prepped. I can style it into anything at any time without stress. When it gets windy I have no worries, I just use my hand to put it back in place.

4. Its SLEEK

5. WATER FRIENDLY: I can swim freely without getting concerned about shrinked hair (peculiar with natural hair). And I don’t get worried when it’s about to rain.

So I have come to realize that you can have healthy relaxed hair especially if you make protein a vital part of your hair routine, avoid bone-straight retouching and allow a little texture in it.

In conclusion;
I love relaxed hair cos I can see my actual hair length (all the time) and I save a LOT of time during wash days.
I love natural hair cos of its volume and resilience.

Stay Beautiful!!!


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