If she did it, you can do it too…Joann


11 months after
One beautiful evening, as I was looking for the school I was posted to for the mandatory national youth service, a small notice board caught my eye, and it read “Alliance Francaise”. My eyes lit up with excitement, the next month, I enrolled in the beginners class, it was fun, as we laughed at one another’s twisted pronunciations of the language especially the letter ‘r’ (y’all know what am saying ).  It was here I met Toyosi, a beautiful lady who increased her hair length from bob length to armpit length within an amazing 11months, adding 7-inches without vitamins-just normal growth and care.

Jan 2014- Dec 2014
We’ve been good friends ever since. Last month, I asked how her hair was doing, so we did a mini-interview and this was the conversation that ensued:

Hi Toyosi, When did you start your hair journey?
I started on the 10thof January, 2014.
What was your Previous hair length ?
I don’t really know how to describe the length (Praise, I guess you can help with that) I had like neck length.
Previous hair length: Jan 2014
Lol….Bob length, so what is Hair goal?
Initially I aimed for mid back (MBL) because I did not know how well it would go and didn’t want to aim at what is not achievable, but now with this one year progress, I think am giving waist length a shot which I might be able to achieve in the next two years.
Hmmm… I am getting motivated here, how would you describe your Curent length?
My current length is armpit length (APL)
Am curious, what really inspired you to go on this hair growth journey?

I had always loved and admired long hair from people and sometimes even dreamed one day my hair would be that long, but it looked like a dream that would never come true since the hair seemed to get shorter each time I made the hair and loosened it. Then I met Praise (joannhaircare), who made me realize I had to go beyond just dreaming but acting.

Interesting! So what’s your favorite hair product?

I really do like the feel of castor oil on my hair, it gives the hair this thick strands making the hair not just look healthy but actually healthy. I love motions products, although I have not tried any other one, I just feel it works good on my hair, so why fix it if it is not broken? I love motions CPR leave in conditioner. 

Current hair length: Dec 2014
What day of the week do you wash your hair?
Ermmm… I used to wash my hair every Saturday before now but things actually changed as I got busy on Saturdays and I had to move it to Mondays. I am a bit flexible with my wash days depending on my schedule but I just make sure I get to wash the hair at least once in 7days.
Most valuable advice you ever received?
“Hair grows normally; you just have to keep it from breaking”. That was like the best sentence I have ever heard and that is what has kept me going.
I chose to grow my hair because of my love for nature. I believe we (Africans) can look natural and still very beautiful without having to use any extensions on our hair. Furthermore, I wanted to see from my own experience that it is possible to grow our hair, although might not be as easy as it is for other races but it is very possible.
Additional tips and word to your hair sisters?
Believe in yourself that you can achieve anything and you will, with determination and dedication, the sky is our springboard. Finally, hair grows normally, you just have to keep it from breaking. Stay beautiful and natural!
 Thank you.





  1. I really want to start this journey but I need a step by step instructions like : what I have to do daily , weekly , monthly to my hair; what I should not do ; the product to use their names and if possible the prices . I will love to do this but I want to know how expensive this is.
    Thank you as I wait for your response .

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